Maiko began her dancing at the age of four, studying at the Ecole de Ballet Classic and Tokyo Junior Ballet. The intense lifestyle of a dancer has taught her focus, dedication, and the importance of making the most out of every experience. After graduating high school, and intent on pushing her comfort zones, Maiko chose to pursue her training at Goh Ballet Academy in Vancouver, British Columbia.

After two years of studying and touring across B.C., Maiko decided to challenge herself even further by exploring other dance forms. She immersed herself in the Jazz and Hip-Hop communities, teaching and learning at Source Dance Co. and Harbour Dance Centre. 

Throughout her dance career, Maiko has worked with artists like Young MC, Elise Estrada, Cory Lee, Econoline Crush, as well as organizations like the Canadian Football League, New Balance, Lululemon, and Native shoes.

Maiko’s adaptive nature also allows her to explore other creative opportunities. She’s appeared in Sucker Punch, Once Upon A Time, Hellcats, John Tucker Must Die, The Sorority Wars, Caprica, Impulse, Grave Halloween, Black Sash and Mirror’s Edge 2.

While Maiko is well-versed in many styles of dance, her main focus recently has been contemporary dance. Having worked with 605 Collective and The Response, Maiko is currently co-director of OURO: an innovative dance company that allows her to create, experiment, and collaborate with other artists. 

In addition to her commercial projects, Maiko continues to teach and still spends time in Japan working as a choreographer. Drawn most to projects that combine her love of movement with visual art and music, Maiko ultimately aspires to bridge the gap, not just between the two places she calls home but between different styles of dance, art, and beyond.


Once Upon A Time // Stage 49 Ltd
Hellcats // CW
Sucker Punch // Warner Bros
Sorority Wars // Lifetime
Capria // Universal Network Television
John Tucker Must Die // 20th century fox
Grave Halloween // Haunted Picture
Mirrors Edge 2 // EA
Impulse // Sony Screen Jem
Black Sash // Sash Film Inc
Vancouver Breakfast TV 


Lululemon Lab
Native Shoes
New Balance
Kensie Girl
West Beach
Sara Armstrong
Jean Okada


Marianas Trench
Suzie Macneill
Econoline Crush
Elise Estrada
Young MC
Chati Mann
Yuri Takase


Jabbawackeez ABDC Opening Act
Canadian Hip Hop Championship
CDF`s Hiphop 360
American Dance Festival
BC Lions
Vancouver Ravens
New Balance
West beach
605 Collective
The Response
Move Dance Company